The company Achille Santoro was founded in 1957 by its namesake owner, starting its activities in the region as the first craft company specializing in the installation of thermal insulation for the pipes in civil and industrial installations, making the most important insulation systems for the most popular local businesses.

Over the years, the company has transformed its core business of linstallation, specializing itself in the production and trade in the same sector, importing directly for the Italian market, as the first company in Italy, the pvc sheet ISOGENOPAK with its elbows and accessories used as outer coating of insulated pipes.

The advent of these new products in Italy has definitively eliminated the old system of external coating of isolated pipes, until then carried out through the use of plaster glue, certainly less practical and economical.

Simultaneously with this new introduction to the Italian market, the Achille Santoro commenced its production, the first company in Europe, of Aluminium end-capping, used as finishing the heads of the insulated pipes.

Achille Santoro is a manufacturing company and an import-export leader in the industry and is continually developing; investments concerning its expansion, new technologies and research are always on the rise.